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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Dance Line$

This year, I will be picking every game of the Tournament against the spread.

For the record, I am doing this just for fun - for the love of the game!

Off the record, who knows, so wish me luck. Thanks!

Tuesday, 3/17/15. First Four:

(16) Manhattan -9 vs (16) Hampton 6:40PM, Dayton, OH, TRU 

Gotta go with coach Steve Masiello and the Jaspers, here. They come from a much better conference and will turn Hampton over with their pressure. The Jaspers are a borderline unfair 16 seed.

(11) BYU -4 vs (11) Ole Miss 9:10PM, Dayton, OH, TRU

I'm a little weary of this one. I see this as a nail-biter, as both of these teams are great offensively and treat defense as an afterthought. I think the Cougars will win, so I'll eat the 4 points that come with them.

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