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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dance Line$ - Picking the Tournament - Elite 8

This year, I will be picking every game of the Tournament against the spread.

For the record, I am doing this just for fun - for the love of the game!

Off the record, who knows, so wish me luck. Thanks!

I was on my way to a pretty darn good betting Friday, until members of the Utah Utes men's basketball team proved unable to control their frustration. Down 5 (the line I had was Utah +6) and with 0.7 seconds to go, the Utes clawed and grabbed at Quinn Cook.

Of course, the refs had absolutely no choice but to call the foul and drag both teams back from their locker rooms in order to protect the integrity of the game. And, of course, Cook had no choice but to tease me by missing the first free throw, only to rip my heart out by making the second, in true Dukie fashion.

But, anyway...

Record: 22-36-2

Yesterday: 2-1-1

Saturday, 3/28/15. Regional Finals:

(2) Arizona -1.5 vs (1) Wisconsin, 6:09PM, Los Angeles, CA, TBS

For once, what we all thought would happen in the NCAA Tournament actually did happen. The 1 and 2 seeds took care of their business and will meet tonight in a rematch of an Elite Eight match-up from last year. In that game, Wisconsin won an overtime thriller, 64-63, led by Frank Kaminsky's 28 points and 11 rebounds. The key this year will be Sam Dekker. He will have to produce more than the 7 points he put up last year for Wisconsin to get to their 2nd straight Final Four. Arizona has been open about the revenge factor at work in this contest, which will only help the Cats in this evenly matched affair. It is Arizona's defense that separates the two teams and will propel Sean Miller to his first Final Four.

(3) Notre Dame +11 vs (1) Kentucky, 8:49PM, Cleveland, OH, TBS

Yeah, so, last time I bet against Kentucky they embarrassed West Virginia - and me - to the tune of a 78-39 obliteration. Don't blame me, I forgot the Mountaineers couldn't shoot/score in an open gym practice, much less against the best defensive college team in years. Notre Dame doesn't have that problem. They have two dynamic guards, likely to play at the next level, along with a determined, resourceful small forward and a decent big. It's the decent big that is doubtful to be enough to upset the Big Blue juggernaut. The biggest thing in favor of the Irish keeping this game relatively close is their lack of chatter. So far, they've been smart enough to avoid bold statements that could cause them to hide in bathroom stalls after the game. 

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