"I Know the Game Like I'm Reffing It"

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

NBA Over/Under Win Predictions


Atlanta Hawks, O/U 23.5

UNDER. One of the least talented rosters you’ll ever see, leaving Trae Young with that familiar Oklahoma feeling.

Brooklyn Nets, O/U 32.5

OVER. Although, it would behoove the Nets to be way under, Atkinson does not seem to have tank in his DNA and there is decent talent on the roster.

Boston Celtics, O/U 58.5

OVER. The starting five and bench depth has 60-win season written all over it.

Charlotte Hornets, O/U 35.5

OVER. New coach, yes, but there is enough talent to at least sniff .500.

Chicago Bulls, O/U 29.5

UNDER. They will be a mess defensively and not too much better on the other side of the ball.

Cleveland Cavaliers, O/U 30.5

OVER. But, barely. A veteran lineup should enable the Cavs to scratch out 31 victories in the weak East.

Detroit Pistons, O/U 38.5

UNDER. They will be well-coached, but the talent and trustworthiness of their 1-3 positions is lacking.

Indiana Pacers, O/U 46.5

OVER. The Pacers won 48 games last season and the roster is improved.

Miami Heat, O/U 42.5

OVER. Again, barely. This has the look of a barely .500 team, but Spoelstra likely scratches out a few more victories.

Milwaukee Bucks, O/U 47.5

OVER. The Bucks should be a sleeper contender in the East and Coach Budenholzer won 60 games with a pedestrian-looking Hawks team.

New York Knicks, O/U 28.5

UNDER. The best and most intriguing players on this Knicks roster are age 20 and under, with Porzingis out for what could easily be the entire season.

Orlando Magic, O/U 30.5

UNDER. Clifford will add toughness and defense, but there just isn’t enough, particularly at the guard spots, unless Aaron Gordon turns superstar.

Philadelphia 76ers, O/U 53.5

UNDER. New expectations and Embiid’s and Simmons’s supporting cast could lead to less wins than expected.

Toronto Raptors, O/U 55.5

OVER. Health permitting, the Raptors should battle the Celtics for the best record in the East.

Washington Wizards, O/U 44.5

UNDER. You just have to figure the Wizards will find a way to disappoint.


Dallas Mavericks, O/U 34.5

OVER. Dallas will be much improved from the 24-win team they were last season. A 10+ win increase will be significant, especially with youth at key positions.

Denver Nuggets, O/U 47.5

OVER. The over total is steep, but this deep, talented and well-coached team won 46 games last season and they only got deeper in the off season.

Golden State Warriors, O/U 62.5

UNDER. The Warriors should get to 60 wins, but that was the case last year and they only got to 58.

Houston Rockets, O/U 55.5

OVER. After a 65-win season a year ago, their roster is not so different as to warrant a 10-game decline.

Los Angeles Clippers, O/U 36.5

OVER. The Clippers have enough talent and coaching to get close to 40 victories.

Los Angeles Lakers, O/U 48.5

UNDER. It will be close, but the strength of the West could expose the Lakers’ early chemistry, coaching, as well as at the 5 spot.

Memphis Grizzlies, O/U 34.5

OVER. Not saying they will be a playoff team or anything, but Gasol and Conley should get the Grizz to at least 35 wins.

Minnesota Timberwolves, O/U 43.5

OVER. This is dicey, of course, because no one knows what will come of the Jimmy Butler saga, but this is a talented squad at all positions.

New Orleans Pelicans, O/U 44.5

OVER. This is a thin and delicate roster, but there is potential and a guy named Anthony Davis who could be in store for an MVP season.

Oklahoma City Thunder, O/U 49.5

UNDER. With Westbrook missing the beginning of the season and no Roberson, odds are the Thunder do not get to 50 wins.

Phoenix Suns, O/U 28.5

UNDER. While the Suns’ roster is improved and they should win more than they did last season, an 8-game improvement is unlikely.

Portland Trailblazers, O/U 42.5

OVER. Portland will struggle to get to the 49 wins like they got last season, but Lillard, McCollum and an improved Nurkic should be good enough for 43.

San Antonio Spurs, O/U 42.5

OVER. Picking the over on the strength of a proven veteran core and a proven veteran, all-time great coach.

Sacramento Kings, O/U 25.5

UNDER. The young Kings may be better than last year’s 27-win team, but the West too has improved. Their young core will take plenty of lumps this season.

Utah Jazz, O/U 49.5

OVER. Tough one, but every starter on the Jazz should be improved from last season, particularly future superstar, Donovan Mitchell.