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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dance Line$ - Picking the Tournament - Sweet 16

This year, I will be picking every game of the Tournament against the spread.

For the record, I am doing this just for fun - for the love of the game!

Off the record, who knows, so wish me luck. Thanks!

It was a rough Sunday for me, as I went 1-7 on the last day of the round of 32. Fortunately, I still have a tiny bit of money left to try and make an L.L. Cool J style comeback. 

Kids, don't try this at home. I feel things about to turn around for me. But, if not, I'm not too good for rehab.

Record: 18-33-1

Thursday, 3/26/15. Regional Semifinals:

(3) Notre Dame +2 vs (7) Wichita State, 7:15PM, Cleveland, OH, CBS

What the Shockers did to Kansas last weekend was quite impressive. I don't think I've seen a team play harder than WSU did the last couple minutes of the 1st half, along with the entire second half. The problem for me is, I don't see how they can possibly conjure up the same emotion and resultant effort a few days later against a non-hated opponent. Not that they won't play well, I just expect a slight let down. Notre Dame is coming off an impressive, gritty win over a team similar to Wichita State, in Butler. The Irish, and more importantly, I, now know they are capable of winning a tough game at a slower pace.

(4) North Carolina +6.5 vs (1) Wisconsin, 7:47PM, Los Angeles, CA, TBS

This will be a close game, in my opinion, so Wisconsin is getting too many points for my liking. The Badgers struggled a bit with Oregon in the second (yes, second) round, which gives me more pause towards the Badgers than I already had. The Tar Heels have been undervalued, despite showing that they can play with any team in the country and coming off an impressive victory over a talented Arkansas squad. Look for this one to come down to the wire, forcing Kaminsky and Dekker to come up big, late.

(5) West Virginia +13 vs (1) Kentucky, 9:45PM, Cleveland, OH, CBS

As I stated in a previous post, I'm likely to pick against the Wildcats the rest of the way, based solely on them being overvalued by the general public and thus, by Vegas. They have failed to cover the spread in either of their two tournament games so far and I see that trend continuing. I don't think the Mountaineers pull off the upset, but I do think they can keep the final score under double-digits, or very, very close.

(6) Xavier +11.5 vs (2) Arizona, 10:17PM, Los Angeles, CA, TBS

Though, this is pretty close to a home game for Arizona, I look for this contest to stay competitive for most, if not all of the game. Zona has been impressive so far in wins over Texas Southern and Ohio State. But, they have a history of letting teams hang around, as the Cats are not the most explosive offensive team. Xavier has been better than they have been given credit for and have the bigs to match up with Arizona's frontline. The Musketeers are a tough bunch, so look for them to take some Zona punches and throw a few right back. 

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