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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Too Early NCAA Tournament Top Seeds

In the last couple weeks, not much has changed, at least on the top two seed lines. Michigan is still undefeated, Gonzaga, Virginia and Kansas are still elite, and Duke still has Zion.

There has been movement on the 3rd and 4th seed lines, however, both up and out. Most surprising is Houston’s climb up to a 3 seed, thanks to a 14-0 start and a top 5 NET ranking.

But, the real season is upon us. This weekend sets off the start of conference play for all the major conferences, while many are already underway. So, even though the current top seed list may well be in shambles by the time all of this really matters, here’s a look at where we stand now.


Michigan (14-0) Best win: at Villanova, 73-46.

Gonzaga (13-2) Best win: vs. Duke, 89-87.

Duke (11-1) Best win: vs. Texas Tech, 69-58.

Virginia (12-0) Best win: vs. Wisconsin, 53-46.


Kansas (12-1) Best win: vs. Michigan State, 92-87.

Michigan State (12-2) Best win: at Florida, 63-59.

Tennessee (11-1) Best win: vs. Gonzaga, 76-73

Nevada (14-0) Best win: vs. Arizona State, 72-66.


Texas Tech (12-1) Best win: vs. Nebraska, 70-52.

Virginia Tech (12-1) Best win: vs. Purdue, 89-83.

Houston (14-0) Best win: at BYU, 76-62.

Auburn (10-2) Best win: vs. Arizona, 73-57.


Nebraska (10-3) Best win: at Clemson, 68-66.

Wisconsin (10-4) Best win: vs. Oklahoma, 78-58.

Oklahoma (11-2) Best win: vs. Florida, 65-60.

NC State (13-1) Best win: Auburn, 78-71.

Best of the rest: Kentucky; North Carolina; Ohio State; Mississippi State; Florida State; Indiana; Marquette; Minnesota; Buffalo.

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