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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Too Early Top NCAA Tournament Seeds

We’re deep in this thing now. It’s almost time to drop the “Too Early” from the title, but not yet.

There were changes at the top based on last week’s results. And there should be more moving forward, as the top seven have separated themselves, but are very, very close to each other.

Here’s a look at my top four seed lines if the NCAA Tournament were to start today:


Duke (15-2) Best win: Virginia, 72-70.

Virginia (16-1) Best win: vs. Wisconsin, 53-46.

Michigan State (17-2) Best win: at Nebraska, 70-64.

Michigan (17-1) Best win: at Villanova, 73-46.


Tennessee (15-1) Best win: vs. Gonzaga, 76-73.

Gonzaga (18-2) Best win: vs. Duke, 89-87.

Kansas (16-3) Best win: vs. Michigan State, 92-87.

Texas Tech (15-3) Best win: at Texas, 68-62.


Houston (18-1) Best win: at Oklahoma State, 63-53.

Wisconsin (12-6) Best win: Michigan, 64-54.

Kentucky (14-3) Best win: vs. North Carolina, 80-72.

North Carolina (15-4) Best win: Gonzaga, 103-90.


Virginia Tech (15-3) Best win: vs. Purdue, 89-83.

Purdue (12-6) Best win: at Wisconsin, 84-80 OT.

Marquette (16-3) Best win: vs. Louisville, 77-74 OT.

Louisville (13-5) Best win: at North Carolina, 83-62.

Dropped Out: Nebraska; Oklahoma; Villanova.

Best of the Rest: Iowa State; Maryland; LSU; Iowa; Villanova; Oklahoma; Nevada; Buffalo; Texas.

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