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Monday, January 14, 2019

Too Early NCAA Tournament Top Seeds

Not much changed at the top over the last week. The top four continued to dominate and the three teams on their heels, continue to be right there.

However, there has predictably been much movement when it comes to those 3 and 4 seeds. Nevada’s blowout loss to New Mexico will make it tough for them to justify a high seed, considering their relatively light resume and Auburn’s inability to win on the road so far, has the Tigers just on the outside looking in.

Meanwhile, blue bloods such as North Carolina, Villanova and Kentucky have crept back into the conversation, based on strong openings to their respective conference seasons, despite UNC’s no-show versus Louisville, Saturday.

Here’s a look at my top four seed lines in the NCAA Tournament if it were to start today:


Michigan (17-0) Best win: at Villanova, 73-46.

Gonzaga (16-2) Best win: vs. Duke, 89-87.

Duke (14-1) Best win: vs. Texas Tech, 69-58.

Virginia (15-0) Best win: vs. Wisconsin, 53-46.


Kansas (14-2) Best win: vs. Tennessee, 87-81.

Michigan State (15-2) Best win: at Ohio State, 86-77.

Tennessee (14-1) Best win: vs. Gonzaga, 76-73

Texas Tech (15-1) Best win: vs. Nebraska, 70-52.


Virginia Tech (14-1) Best win: vs. Purdue, 89-83.

Houston (16-1) Best win: at Oklahoma State, 63-53.

Nebraska (12-4) Best win: at Clemson, 68-66.

Wisconsin (11-5) Best win: vs. Oklahoma, 78-58.


Oklahoma (13-3) Best win: vs. Florida, 65-60.

Kentucky (12-3) Best win: vs. North Carolina, 80-72.

North Carolina (12-4) Best win: Gonzaga, 103-90.

Villanova (13-4) Best win: vs. Florida State, 66-60.

Best of the rest: Auburn; Nevada; Florida State; Purdue; Indiana; Marquette; Louisville; Buffalo; Mississippi.

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