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Monday, December 17, 2018

Way Too Early NCAA Tournament Top Seeds

No movement at all in the top 2 seed lines, despite Gonzaga’s loss at North Carolina. Gonzaga’s good wins versus Duke, Arizona and at Creighton still look great next to two losses that no one would be ashamed of. The Zags currently have the 8th toughest strength of schedule according to KenPom.

There was some movement in the 3 and 4 seed lines, thanks to the aforementioned Tar Heels looking great on Saturday night and Kelvin Sampson’s Houston squad staying undefeated after two solid home wins last week. Watch out for the Cougars and I ain’t talking ‘bout the Kardashians.

Here’s a look at the top four seed lines for the NCAA Tournament as of today:


Michigan (11-0) Best win: at Villanova, 73-46.

Kansas (9-0) Best win: vs. Tennessee, 87-81 OT.

Gonzaga (9-2) Best win: vs. Duke, 89-87.

Duke (9-1) Best win: vs. Auburn, 78-72.


Virginia (9-0) Best win: vs. Wisconsin, 53-46.

Nevada (11-0) Best win: vs. Arizona State, 72-66.

Tennessee (8-1) Best win: vs. Gonzaga, 76-73.

Michigan State (9-2) Best win: at Florida, 63-59.


Wisconsin (9-2) Best win: vs. Oklahoma, 78-58.

North Carolina (8-2) Best win: Gonzaga, 103-90.

Auburn (8-1) Best win: vs. Arizona, 73-57.

Ohio State (9-1) Best win: at Cincinnati, 64-56.


Virginia Tech (9-1) Best win: vs. Purdue, 89-83.

Texas Tech (10-0) Best win: vs. Nebraska, 70-52.

Nebraska (9-2) Best win: at Clemson, 68-66.

Houston (10-0) Best win: at BYU, 76-62.

Next up:

Indiana; Buffalo; Villanova; Florida State; NC State; Marquette; Arizona State; Mississippi State; Oklahoma.

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