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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Updated Bracketology - Predicting the Tournament Field

As of games through Tuesday, March 8, 2016.

WARNING: The predicted field/seeding is highly likely to change from day to day or minute to minute.

*Automatic bids in italics

1 SEEDS: Kansas; Virginia; Oklahoma; Villanova.

2 SEEDS: Michigan State; Oregon; West Virginia; North Carolina.

3 SEEDS: Miami; Xavier; Utah; Duke.

4 SEEDS: Texas; Iowa State; Indiana; Iowa.

5 SEEDS: Purdue; Kentucky; Texas A&M; Maryland.

6 SEEDS: California; Arizona; Baylor; Wisconsin.

7 SEEDS: Notre Dame; Texas Tech; Seton Hall; Oregon State.

8 SEEDS: Colorado; Connecticut; Syracuse; Dayton.

9 SEEDS: Providence; Butler; Vanderbilt; Cincinnati.

10 SEEDS: USC; Wichita State; Gonzaga; Pittsburgh.

11 SEEDS: St. Joe’s; Tulsa vs. Florida; VCU vs. Saint Mary’s; San Diego State.

12 SEEDS: Arkansas Little Rock; Northern Iowa; Chattanooga; Akron.

13 SEEDS: South Dakota State; Yale; UNC Wilmington; Stony Brook.

14 SEEDS: UC Irvine; UAB; S.F. Austin; Iona.

15 SEEDS: New Mexico State; Green Bay; Weber State; UNC Asheville.

16 SEEDS: Lehigh; Hampton; Texas Southern vs. Florida GC; Austin Peay vs. Fairleigh Dickinson.

LAST FOUR IN: Tulsa; VCU; Saint Mary’s; Florida.

FIRST FIVE OUT: Michigan; St. Bonaventure; Florida State; South Carolina; Valparaiso.

NEXT FIVE OUT: Georgia Tech; George Washington; Washington; Princeton; Temple.

CONFERENCE BREAKDOWN: ACC (7); Big 12 (7); Pac 12 (7); Big Ten (6); Big East (5); SEC (4); AAC (3); Atlantic 10 (3); Missouri Valley (2); West Coast (2).

Note: Automatic bids are determined by conference champion or the highest RPI team remaining in conference.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. South Carolina is in. Sorry your bracket is inaccurate.

  3. You lose all credibility when a team like South Carolina is not in your bracket. USC maybe as high as a 7 or 8 seed and you have them out. Very poor work