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Monday, April 6, 2015

Dance Line$ - Picking the Tournament - National Championship Game

This year, I will be picking every game of the Tournament against the spread.

For the record, I am doing this just for fun - for the love of the game!

Off the record, who knows, so wish me luck. Thanks!

Whew, thank God this tournament is almost over and done with. My pockets have really taken a hit. Just imagine if I would've put some real money down.

I have no one to blame but the odds-makers, the underdogs and the favorites. They all did me wrong.

Anyway, at least there's tonight. Yet another chance for me to end on a good note and resuscitate my self-esteem.

Record: 23-41-2

Final Four: 0-2

Monday, 4/6/15. National Championship: 

(1) Wisconsin -1 vs. (1) Duke, Indianapolis, IN, CBS

So, here we are. Two teams left standing and all those cliches to rattle off. But, this one actually should be great. Two of the four best teams throughout the season, and oh by the way, both teams are at the top of their games. Most people have only given Duke credit for this. Yes, the Blue Devils have been dominant the entire tournament, winning five games by an average of 17.6 points. However, it's hard to argue that any team is playing better than Wisconsin. The Badgers had to beat North Carolina, Arizona and all-mighty Kentucky to get here. Many have wondered whether Bo Ryan can get his team up for one more game, after their physically and emotionally taxing win Saturday night. Well, this "one more game" isn't some regular season game, it's the National Championship game. If you can walk, you can get up for this game. This contest features two of the top three offensively efficient teams in the country (Wisconsin, 1 and Duke, 3). Duke has been the better defensive team, especially during the tournament. That being said, this game will be a battle of wills rather than a battle of statistics. For me, it comes down to which team wants it more. Of course, both teams really want this game and are filled with winners, they wouldn't be here otherwise. But, the Badgers are the older, more experienced team that came into practice this season with this game in mind, having had their hearts broken last year. Kaminsky, Dekker and Jackson will pull every ounce of energy from their bodies in order to win this game. I don't expect Duke's freshmen to wilt, by any means (especially Tyus Jones, who is an absolute killer), I just expect Wisconsin to be just a little bit better and prevail in this true pick em game. 

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