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Friday, March 10, 2023

2023 NCAA Tournament Bracketology - 3/10/23

Here's a look at the NCAA Tournament field/seeding as if the season ended yesterday.

CAUTION: The predicted field/seeding is highly likely to change from day to day or minute to minute.

*Automatic bids in italics

1 SEEDS: Houston; Alabama; Kansas; Purdue.

2 SEEDS: UCLA; Texas; Arizona; Gonzaga.

3 SEEDS: Marquette; UConn; Kansas State; Baylor.

4 SEEDS: Tennessee; Indiana; Xavier; Miami.

5 SEEDS: Virginia; Texas A&M; Kentucky; Creighton.

6 SEEDS: Iowa State; TCU; Saint Mary's; San Diego State.

7 SEEDS: Northwestern; Iowa; Michigan State; Duke.

8 SEEDS: MarylandArkansas; Illinois; Boise State.

9 SEEDS: Rutgers; Auburn; West Virginia; Missouri.

10 SEEDS: Memphis; Florida Atlantic; Penn State; Mississippi State.

11 SEEDS: Utah State; Arizona State; USC vs. Nevada; Providence vs. Pittsburgh.

12 SEEDS: Charleston; Drake; Oral Roberts; VCU.

13 SEEDS: Utah Valley; Yale; Iona; Toledo.

14 SEEDS: Furman; UC Irvine; Colgate; Louisiana.

15 SEEDS: Montana State; Kennesaw State; Vermont; UNC Asheville.

16 SEEDS: Northern Kentucky; Grambling; Texas A&M CC vs. FDU; Howard vs. SE Missouri State.

LAST FOUR IN: USC; Providence; Pittsburgh; Nevada.

FIRST FOUR OUT: NC State; Michigan; Oklahoma State; Clemson.

NEXT FOUR OUT: Oregon; North Carolina; New Mexico; Vanderbilt. 

Note: Automatic bids are currently determined by league leader (highest NET ranking breaks a tie) or highest seed remaining in conference tournament.

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