"I Know the Game Like I'm Reffing It"

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Final Bracketology 2021


*Automatic bids in italics

1 SEEDS: Gonzaga; Baylor; Illinois; Michigan.

2 SEEDS: Ohio State; Iowa; Alabama; Houston.

3 SEEDS: Texas; Oklahoma State; Kansas; West Virginia.

4 SEEDS: Creighton; Purdue; Arkansas; Virginia.

5 SEEDS: Colorado; USC; Tennessee; Florida State.

6 SEEDS: Villanova; Texas Tech; Wisconsin; LSU.

7 SEEDS: Oregon; BYU; UConn; San Diego State.

8 SEEDS: Missouri; Georgia Tech; North Carolina; Maryland.

9 SEEDS: Florida; Rutgers; Oklahoma; Clemson.

10 SEEDS: St. Bonaventure; Loyola Chicago; VCU; UCLA.

11 SEEDS: Virginia Tech; Syracuse; Mississippi vs. Colorado State; Michigan State vs Utah State.

12 SEEDS: Georgetown; Oregon State; Winthrop; UC Santa Barbara.

13 SEEDS: Colgate; North Texas; Abilene Christian; UNC Greensboro.

14 SEEDS: Liberty, Ohio; Grand Canyon; Eastern Washington.

15 SEEDS: Morehead State; Drexel; Iona; Cleveland State.

16 SEEDS: Oral Roberts; Mt. St. Mary's; Hartford vs. App. State; Norfolk State vs. Texas Southern.

LAST 4 IN: Mississippi; Michigan State; Utah State; Colorado State.

FIRST 4 OUT: Wichita State; Drake; Seton Hall; Duke.

NEXT 4 OUT: Boise State; Louisville; Xavier; Saint Louis.

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