"I Know the Game Like I'm Reffing It"

Sunday, March 17, 2019



*Automatic bids in italics.

1 SEEDS: Duke; Virginia; North Carolina; Gonzaga.

2 SEEDS: Tennessee; Michigan State; Kentucky; Michigan.

3 SEEDS: Houston; LSU; Texas Tech; Kansas.

4 SEEDS: Florida State; Purdue; Wisconsin; Iowa State.

5 SEEDS: Kansas State; Villanova; Auburn; Virginia Tech.

6 SEEDS: Marquette; Mississippi State; Buffalo; Cincinnati.

7 SEEDS: Louisville; Maryland; Wofford; Nevada.

8 SEEDS: Mississippi; UCF; Baylor; Utah State.

9 SEEDS: VCU; Seton Hall; Florida; Syracuse.

10 SEEDS: Iowa; Washington; Minnesota; North Carolina State.

11 SEEDS: Oklahoma; Ohio State vs. Temple; Texas vs. Belmont; Saint Mary’s.

12 SEEDS: Oregon; Murray State; Liberty; New Mexico State.

13 SEEDS: Saint Louis; UC Irvine; Vermont; Northeastern.

14 SEEDS: Yale; ODU; Northern Kentucky; Georgia State.

15 SEEDS: Montana; Colgate; Abilene Christian; Gardner Webb.

16 SEEDS: Bradley; Iona; Prairie View vs. North Carolina Central; FDU vs. North Dakota State.

LAST 4 IN: Ohio State; Texas; Belmont; Temple.

FIRST 4 OUT: Arizona State; TCU; Indiana; St. John’s.

NEXT 4 OUT: Alabama; Creighton; Clemson; Furman.

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