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Monday, November 19, 2018

Way Too Early Top Seeds

Yes, it's way too early to predict the top seeds in the upcoming 2019 NCAA Tournament, but it’s also way too early to even talk about a Top 25, for example. So, F it, I’m going to at least play around with the rankings that matter.

Here are my top 4 seed lines for the NCAA Tournament as of today:


Duke (3-0) Best win: vs. Kentucky, 118-84.

Kansas (3-0) Best win: vs. Michigan State, 92-87.

Gonzaga (3-0) Best win: Texas A&M, 94-71.

Michigan (5-0) Best win: at Villanova, 73-46.


North Carolina (4-0) Best win: Stanford, 90-72.

Virginia (3-0) Best win: none.

Auburn (3-0) Best win: Washington, 88-66.

Florida State (2-0) Best win: Florida, 81-60.


Nevada (3-0) Best win: BYU, 86-70.

Tennessee (3-0) Best win: Georgia Tech, 66-53.

Michigan State (3-1) Best win: none.

Virginia Tech (4-0) Best win: Purdue, 89-83.


Kentucky (3-1) Best win: So. Illinois, 71-59.

Wisconsin (3-0) Best win: at Xavier, 77-68.

Purdue (4-1) Best win: vs. Davidson, 79-58.

Texas (4-0) Best win: vs. Arkansas, 73-71 OT.

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