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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New Bracketology - 2/28/17

One day away from March, the bubble has lost lots of air and the NCAA Tournament picture has become more clear.

In this latest edition of bracketology, here’s a look at the field as if the season were to end today.

Caution: The predicted field/seeding is highly likely to change from day to day or minute to minute.

*Automatic bids in italics.

1 SEEDS: Villanova; Kansas; North Carolina; Gonzaga.

2 SEEDS: Oregon; Baylor; Louisville; UCLA.

3 SEEDS: Kentucky; Duke; Butler; Florida State.

4 SEEDS: Florida; Arizona; West Virginia; Purdue.

5 SEEDS: Virginia; Wisconsin; Creighton; Cincinnati.

6 SEEDS: Notre Dame; SMU; Iowa State; Miami.

7 SEEDS: Minnesota; St. Mary’s; South Carolina; Maryland.

8 SEEDS: Oklahoma State; Dayton; Virginia Tech; Xavier.

9 SEEDS: Michigan; Michigan State; Northwestern; VCU.

10 SEEDS: Wichita State; USC; Arkansas; California.

11 SEEDS: Marquette; Seton Hall vs. Wake Forest; Syracuse vs. Vanderbilt; Middle Tennessee State.

12 SEEDS: Illinois State; North Carolina Wilmington; Nevada; Texas Arlington.

13 SEEDS: Akron; Vermont; Monmouth; New Mexico State.

14 SEEDS: Princeton; Belmont; UNC Asheville; Valparaiso.

15 SEEDS: East Tennessee State; Bucknell; Florida Gulf Coast; North Dakota State.

16 SEEDS: Texas Southern; Eastern Washington; UC Irvine vs. NC Central; New Orleans vs. Mount St. Mary’s.

LAST FOUR IN: Seton Hall; Syracuse; Wake Forest; Vanderbilt.

FIRST FOUR OUT: Providence; Rhode Island; Georgia; Kansas State.

NEXT FOUR OUT: Tennessee; TCU; Houston; Georgia Tech.

CONFERENCE BREAKDOWN: ACC (10); Big Ten (7); Big East (6); Big 12 (5); Pac 12 (5); SEC (5); Atlantic 10 (2); AAC (2); Missouri Valley (2); West Coast (2).

Note: Automatic bids are determined by the highest RPI team in each conference.

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