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Saturday, March 15, 2014


As of games through Saturday, March 15, 2014.

WARNING: The predicted field/seeding is highly likely to change from day to day or minute to minute.

*Automatic bids in italics

1 SEEDS: Florida; Arizona; Wichita State; Michigan.

2 SEEDS: Wisconsin; Kansas; Iowa State; Duke.

3 SEEDS: Syracuse; Creighton; Villanova; Louisville.

4 SEEDS: Virginia; Michigan State; UCLA; San Diego State;

5 SEEDS: Cincinnati; Baylor; VCU; North Carolina.

6 SEEDS: Connecticut; Ohio State; New Mexico; Oklahoma.

7 SEEDS: Texas; Kentucky; Massachusetts; Memphis.

8 SEEDS: Oregon; George Washington; Saint Louis; Kansas State.

9 SEEDS: Oklahoma State; Colorado; Stanford; Pittsburgh.

10 SEEDS: Gonzaga; St. Joseph’s; Iowa; Providence.

11 SEEDS: Arizona State; Dayton; SMU; Tennessee vs. Florida State.

12 SEEDS: Nebraska vs. Xavier; Harvard; North Dakota State; Stephen F. Austin.

13 SEEDS: Tulsa; Manhattan; New Mexico State; Georgia State.

14 SEEDS: Mercer; Delaware; Western Michigan; NC Central.

15 SEEDS: Eastern Kentucky; American; Wisconsin Milwaukee; Wofford.

16 SEEDS: Weber State; Coastal Carolina; Albany vs. Cal Poly; Mount St. Mary’s vs. Texas Southern.

LAST FOUR IN: Tennessee; Nebraska; Xavier; Florida State.

FIRST FOUR OUT: Minnesota; BYU; California; Arkansas.

NEXT FOUR OUT: St. John’s; Georgetown; NC State; Missouri.

DROPPED OUT: Minnesota.

NEW IN: Providence.

CONFERENCE BREAKDOWN: Big 12 (7); Big Ten (6); Pac-12 (6); Atlantic 10 (6); ACC (6); AAC (5); SEC (3); Big East (4); Mountain West (2).

Jamal Murphy has been making tournament predictions since 2010. He will be updating his predictions frequently until the Committee’s selection on Sunday, March 16th.

Note: Conference leaders are determined by the team with the fewest conference losses, with ties broken by the higher RPI ranking, or the highest remaining seed in the conference tournament.

Please feel free to contact Jamal via Twitter: @Blacketologist

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